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TW Constructors is honored to receive the 2018 Building St. Louis Award for the new construction of World Wide Technology’s Global Headquarters building in Maryland Heights.

The new World Wide Technology (WWT) Global Headquarters (GHQ) project consisted of 3 separate new construction builds: the 208,000-sq.ft. 6-story + lower level office building, a 5-story 768-car parking garage, and a connection patio lid joining WWT GHQ with the existing Westport Plaza.

Site development required draining and restructuring the MSD retention lake to accommodate the new building site plan while ensuring it still retained the required amount of rainwater runoff.

The primary goal for this project was to create an open, innovative, collaborative, and energetic environment.  WWT GHQ includes an auditorium, roofed under a green space, that seats 300 and includes a 55’ x 13’ TV screen created by 65-individual 54” screens.  Each has its own IP address and a resolution of 8340×1800; it is one of the largest in the USA.  The new screen addition required its own individual 10-ton HVAC system to be installed as well as a dedicated electrical panel.

WWT GHQ is the largest project to be awarded by a minority owned company to a minority owned company in the St. Louis market.

Design Notes:

At design inception, WWT’s CEO envisioned floor-to-ceiling 2-story windows to greet visitors into the space and provide an open view of the lake.  In addition to the 40’ of windows, a glass cat walk was created providing easy access to the west and east sides of the building.  Incorporating the latest technology, designers added a mosaic video wall made of 51-individual LED screens to stream marketing content, videos, and live conference feeds from offices around the world.

Understanding the importance of technology with this client, several technological features were utilized during the build process.  All designers, contractors, and subcontractors both on and off the jobsite utilized iPads, computers, and BIM modeling.  In order to provide the client with a visual representation of the final build, an Oculus Virtual Reality headset was utilized so that they could experience the interior and design of the building.  This also assisted the WWT design team in selecting materials and specific design features.

The new WWT GHQ building is the first in St. Louis to utilize DIRTT (Do It Right This Time) modular wall system on a grand scale.  This system provides the client easy change out of technology as well as reconfiguration of the space.  With traditional dry-wall systems, technology change out and/or office reconfiguration could take months, with the DIRTT system it can be completed in days or a few short weeks depending on the change-out requirements.

Community Impact:

The new GHQ will bring 1,200 employees to the Westport area.  WWT made the decision to not include a cafeteria in the new facility so that their employees would patronize existing restaurants and venues within the Westport area.  Additionally, with plans to open a gym in Westport, WWT decided against an in-house gym so that employees would utilize the Westport facility.  The connecting patio lid from WWT to Westport allows for outdoor events, concerts, games, movie nights, etc. and is available for public use outside of working hours.  A walkway path was created around and through the lake not only for WWT employees but for public use as well.

Completion Date:

August 2017


World Wide Technology




M+H Architects


Alper Audi (Structural), Stock and Associates (Civil), Mechanical Solutions (Mechanical), Fire Solutions (Fire Suppression), Parkway Construction (Plumbing), and Kaemmerlen Electric (Electrical)


TW Constructors in a joint venture with Clayco

Interior Designer:

O’Toole Design Associates